The registration in implies having read, understood and accepted the present conditions of use: is a content site where the user can find different sections:


SWEEPSTAKES: In this section there appears a list of prize draws in which the user can sign up to participate. These prize draws are not organized by PULPOWER, the user will be redirected in each case to the site of the organizing company. The participation is always voluntary and free.

To know the details of each prize draw, the user can check its terms and conditions and privacy policy which can be found in all registration forms. Once the user has signed up in any prize draw, he/she must contact the organizing company if he/she has any doubt regarding the prize draw or to request the removal of his/her personal information.


PRODUCT TEST PROGRAM: In this section different products will be delivered to the users so that they test them and give an opinion about them. The delivery of the product will be totally for free without paying anything. The tester will be selected according to his/her profile. The selection will be made considering the requirements of the campaign and the profiles of the registered users, taking into account the best user/product fitting. More information about this program can be found in every registration form.


GAMES: In this section the user can play totally free to all the games which are published in it.


PRIZES: Prize draws will be made every day.To participate the user must have accumulated the necessary tokens for each of the prize draws. The selection of the winner user will be made randomly among all the registered participants.


To be eligible for testing the offered products, the user will have to fill in the registration form correctly and be over 18 years of age. User will have to fully and unconditionally accept the present conditions as well as the ALDANITI INTERNATIONAL NETWORK, LTD's Privacy Policy.



  • Daily ranking of TOKENS: A surprise gift will be given to the user who more tokens has obtained during the day, that is, from 12 a.m to 23.59 pm. In case of a tie in the ranking of tokens, the system will give a surprise gift to the user who has obtained more points playing to the GAME OF THE DAY.
  • Ranking de GAME OF THE DAY: A surprise gift will be given to the user who more points has achieved playing the GAME OF THE DAY from 12 a.m to 23.59 pm. The GAME OF THE DAY is the one announced as featured game by PULPOWER. The user will have a maximum of 25 rounds to get the tokens. From the 25th round on, the user can continue playing but points will not become tokens.


FRAUDULENT PARTICIPATION: Fraudulent participation in any section of PULPOWER is strictly prohibited. In case of detecting fraudulent participations, PULPOWER will disable that account temporarily. Shall the user continue with cheatings, tricks and falsifications, the account will be removed definitely.

The use of robots, automatic systems will cause immediate cancellation of the account in the pulpower portal.

DUPLICATE REGISTRATIONS: Pulpower doesn't allow the duplicate participation of any user and for that reason only one registration per person is admitted. In case of detecting various accounts per person, the user will be asked to choose one of them in order to eliminate the other ones. If no answer is received from the user, Pulpower reserves the right to cancel all the accounts of the same user.


Tokens are virtual coins that the user will accumulate to participate in the activities of PULPOWER. They are obtained as follows:


1. Every day, just by logging into your Pulpower account, according to the user level, he/she will receive a certain amount of tokens.

2. You can add tokens for playing the different games offered by Pulpower.

3. For being a tester and sending Pulpower a review of the tested product a reward in Tokens will be also given.

4. The user will also rise the number of tokens by bringing new friends who join Pulpower.


Those virual coins will allow the users to participate in certain prize draws and activities.


In Pulpower there are several levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond and black Diamond. All users start in Bronze level, but they can level up by participating in the site.


All the prize winners, or the users chosen to test products expressly authorize ALDANITI to use their personal data in order to carry out the communication of the result of the draw to other contestants as well as as promoting new competitions that ALDANITI could organize in the future. The personal information will be displayed all of the ALDANITI'S websites, email and other types of advertising, which ALDANITI considers appropriate.

- LOTTOPULPO: Users who play Lottopulpo will have the opportunity to win a prize valued at a maximum of 1,000 euros if their numbers match those of the official lottery draw (Bonoloto) indicated at the time of participating. The prize to be awarded will be announced once the participation is confirmed. In no case will the prize be redeemable for money.
In the cases where there is no prize for a given combination, Pulpower will offer as a consolation prize the following amount of tokens for each winning number that matches the winning combination:

  • 1 winning number: 1,000 tokens
  • 2 winning numbers: 2,000 tokens
  • 3 winning numbers: 4,000 tokens
  • 4 winning numbers: 8,000 tokens
  • 5 winning numbers: 16,000 tokens
  • 6 winning numbers: 32,000 tokens
  • 7 winning numbers: Prize valued at a maximum of 1,000 euros + 1 million tokens

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