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1. What is Pulpower?

Pulpower is a site that brings together several free draws, competitions and games where users can win fantastic prizes. You can find the information about these prizes, draws and games here.
Yes, all draws and competitions in are completely free. You won't spend any money playing. You only need to sign up. The option of participating is always free, you will never be charged for a draw participation.
All users aged 18 and over can play and participate in any games and/or sweepstakes that are offered on our site.
Tokens are points that you have to accumulate and then exchange them for different prizes offered every day in Pulpower. You exchange tokens for participations in the prize draws, the more participations the more possibilities of winning a prize. From the first time you sign up, your tokens validate your status.
Pulpower always contact every winner by email or phone .
To contact Pulpower all you need to do is write an email to [email protected] or phone 0044 1989320006. Our customer service will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
You can also contact Pulpower through social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Of course. Our users can request to be unsubscribed from Pulpower's database through [email protected] or on the phone: 0044 1989320006
If you wish to change any data you have to send an email to [email protected] requesting its modification.
Depending on how many tokens you have, your status will change. There are up to 15 levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Amber, Pearl, Quartz, Turquoise, Coral, Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond and Black Diamond.
Playing the various games and with each of them you will get tokens. Roulette, PowerBalls, IQTest, ScratchPower, TressurePower,
To activate the PowerRoulette you must finish all the games. Once they are finished, the PowerRoulette will be unlocked and you will be able to get up to 100.000 tokens from a single throw.
There is 1 Daily Ranking with 3 winners. It is a direct prize that will be won by the players who have won the most tokens in just one day. The first in the Ranking wins $50, the second $30 and the one in third position $20.
In addition, a winner who will win $50 will be raffled among all the participants in the ranking.
When there is a winner, the Pulpower team validates his/her actions to check that there are no fraudulent activities. In case Pulpower detects frauds, the Pulpower team may disable that account temporarily. If after that warning, the user continues with cheatings, tricks and falsifications the account will be deactivated definitely.
Pulpower does not allow the duplicate participation of any user, as only one registration is authorized per person. In case of detecting that the same person has several accounts, the user will be required to choose one of them and to delete the others. In case of no response from the user, Pulpower reserves the right to cancel all accounts that are in the name of the same user.
To participate, it will only be necessary for the participant to register correctly through our registration form, truthfully filling in all the fields that are required in the aforementioned form. The participation of the user who has given false, inaccurate or incomplete data will not be valid. For the accreditation of these extremes, the user must provide an ID or Passport.
Pulpower is not the organizer and is not responsible for the FREE SAMPLES section. It only exposes what may be interesting to its users. Each sample has its own responsibility.
What is free samples?
Many of the samples offered by Pulpower are from A website where you can participate to receive and test free products at home, just for giving your opinion. Within the home category you can see the number of entries available before the draw. Free Samples will be responsible for getting in touch with each of the winners.
In this game you will have the chance to win points to be top 3 on the Ranking and get a direct prize.
1st winner $100
2nd winner $30
3rd winner $20

Despite you don't reach the ranking, you will be able to unblock Slots Jackpot, that will add extra tokens for your daily ranking (max 20 jackpots a day)
Hou have 30 attempts to get as many points as possible.
As in all the rankings there are 3 winners and 3 direct prizes
1st winner £100
2nd winner £30
3rd winner £20

Look out! There is an accumulated prize of 25.000 tokens every day until someone get a bingo in less than 20 attempts.

Despite you don't reach the ranking, you will be able to unblock Slots Jackpot, that will add extra tokens for your daily ranking (max 10 jackpots a day)
When you log in your account you will receive an email with one participation code to be able to access at the challenge.
You can also be among the first 3 positions of the Ranking.
1st winner $100
2nd winner $30
3rd winner $20
Despite you don't reach the ranking, you will be able to unblock Scratch Jackpot, that will add extra tokens for your daily ranking (max 10 jackpots a day)
£50 Amazon Gift Card
$100 Gift Card
£50 Amazon Gift Card
$100 Gift Card

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